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A guide to working from home – Part 1

By April 14, 2020November 24th, 2020Blogs

As companies and businesses around the world are shifting to working from home, this will be the first time for many people who have never worked from home before. This will be challenging as existing routines and habits get thrown out of balance and can create pressure for yourself, your family and the people you work with.

We have put together a 3 Part series to help you with this transition to home based working.

Poor working from home practices and habits can lead to feelings of isolation, burnout and overload. It can easily cause blurred lines between work and home and can lead to feelings of guilt if you know that you are getting emails or phone calls out of work hours and aren’t responding to them. It can also reduce focus and productivity and can have an impact on our health and fitness. Work and personal relationships can also be negatively impacted leading to feelings of anxiety and depression.

This guide will give you a few techniques that you can put into place in order to maintain healthy mental and physical wellbeing and to create boundaries over the use of your time and space while working from home.

1. Don’t sleep in.

Wake up at your normal time and don’t fall into the temptation of sleeping in. It’s also a great idea to add some new morning routines like going for a walk, doing some stretching/yoga to energise you or add some meditation or reading/listening to podcasts. Even pretending that you are travelling to work can be a different but useful technique.

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2. Get dressed for work

Get yourself completely ready for the day before you start to do any work. Wearing your normal work clothes can help you feel like you are still going to work and get into “work mode”. Staying in your pyjamas all day won’t get you into the right head space for work. What you choose to wear can have a significant impact on the frame of mind that you are in.

3. Make your bed

Research shows that making your bed makes you more organised elsewhere in your house. It also makes you more productive because you are getting it done. It’s important to not let household standards slip when you are working from home.

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4. Spaces and Zones while working from home

As much as possible you should separate your work space from your home space. Physically separating these spaces helps your mind transition between work and home modes. Studies show that good physical boundaries around your work zone helps you maintain focus and clarity. It also helps to let other household members know when you are working.

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5. Staying in touch

It’s important to stay connected to friends, family and work colleagues. It’s also important to keep appointments and continue your life as normally as possible. Staying in touch with people in your life keeps you from feeling isolated, alone and anxious. Keeping up your appointments here at Capalaba Natural Health is another great way of staying connected and having someone to talk about issues that you are having, feelings that are coming up and any other health concerns be it physical or mental.

If you would like to make a booking for one of our phone or online zoom consults with Tony Daniel our award winning Naturopath then call the clinic today on 3823 3103. Click here for more information on Naturopathy or how our Tony can help you.

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