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Do You Have IBS?

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Do You Have IBS? Or, Could it be a Food Intolerance?

Around the world, many people suffer from abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea. But what is the root cause of all this discomfort? Can it simply be put down to a poor diet, a food intolerance or perhaps even irritable bowel syndrome? From low energy levels to a poor immune system, all can be rectified by booking a consultation with your local naturopath at Capalaba Natural Health. Tony Daniel is an Award Winning Naturopath and is trained to help identify the underlying drivers of your health concerns and help rectify them using natural solutions.

So, do you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or is it just a food intolerance, perhaps even a dysregulated digestive system? Let’s explore.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you frequently endure abdominal pain, cramping or discomfort that is relieved by passing wind? Do you often find yourself experiencing an urgency to make a bowel movement or find yourself alternating between constipation and diarrhoea? Have you ever had the feeling of an ‘incomplete evacuation’?

People with IBS often rate these as the most common symptoms with some also experiencing chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sinus, eczema, poor memory, joint pain and reduced immunity leading.

At Capalaba Natural Health, our naturopathic practitioners are experts in gut and digestive health, providing natural and organic solutions to ease your pain. Once we identify the trigger of your symptoms, we can help implement a health eating plan and provide natural medicines designed to reduce digestive inflammation, and repair your gut. After just a few days, you will already start to notice your energy levels increase and a better sense of well-being. With better gut health and adequate nutrition, your body will flourish increasing your energy levels, reducing stress and improving your quality of life.

Stress or anxiety, as common as they are, are two of the biggest drivers of IBS. However, at Capalaba Natural Health, we understand that many symptoms associated with IBS are actually due to a food intolerance. Therefore, our first step is to identify any food intolerances you may have that are irritating your digestive tract.

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HcG Diet Guide

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The HcG Diet Guide: Everything you need to know

Losing those extra kilos is one of the simplest ways to restore your vitality and improve your overall well-being. In addition to leading a happier life, you can significantly reduce the risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers for a healthier life. Weight loss has also been proven to lower your blood pressure, boost your good cholesterol levels while lowering your bad and even see decreased joint pain and improved mobility. But what weight loss routines and diets actually work?

The HcG diet is the primary diet used at Capalaba Natural Health for those looking to lose weight quickly, in a safe and healthy manner. Removing the need to exercise, the HcG diet suppresses your appetite, includes a low-calorie meal plan and results losing between 1 – 2kg of weight loss per week.  We have successfully put over 3000 people on this diet and therefore have complete confidence in it’s ability to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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Differences between Dairy Intolerance and Lactose Intolerance

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What’s the difference between Dairy Intolerance and Lactose Intolerance?

Have you ever been strolling through the aisles of your local supermarket during your weekly grocery shop, heading to grab some ice cream, milk or yoghurt only to be faced with a bunch of product labels you’ve never seen before? Lactose-free, dairy-free, non-dairy – what do they all mean, what’s the difference between them all? Well that’s what we’re here to uncover.

Dairy Intolerance

To completely understand what it means to be ‘dairy-free’ or to have a dairy intolerance, it’s important to understand what dairy actually means. The term ‘dairy’ refers to milk and any part of milk that comes from cows, meaning a dairy intolerant person can’t consume milk or any products that are derived from milk such as cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt, cheese or, chocolate. It also includes products which contain traces of milk products such milk solids, casein, lactose and whey.

A dairy intolerance is when a person reacts to not just the lactose (Milk sugar) but they also react to one or more of the other components of milk such as whey or casein (Milk protein). This means that the person would still feel unwell or get symptoms if they drink lactose free milk because they are also reacting to one of the other substances present – typically casein.

food intolerance testing against lactose
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Remedial Massage

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Massage is relaxing and helps release tension, stress and relieves sore aching muscles.

Your therapist treats most soft tissues of the body including the tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and of course the muscles. Massage stretches muscles, inhibits muscle spasm and increases flexibility. Having a massage feels great! There’s nothing like the healing touch of a trained Massage Therapist. A remedial massage can be as strong or gentle as you like and can include your full body or you may decide to focus on a particular area of your body, such as your lower back, which may be causing you pain or discomfort. As a highly trained Musculoskeletal Remedial therapist, Pip can not only help to relieve your pain and stiffness but she can also help identify the underlying drivers behind your pain and help to correct these too.

Musculoskeletal Therapy

Some people may know it as Myotherapy, is technically defined as the evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.  What does that mean? It means that your therapist is highly trained to apply the latest in scientific research to thoroughly assess your condition, give you accurate information about what’s going on, treat your condition from a holistic perspective and, where necessary, rehabilitate, based on your individual circumstances.

Musculoskeletal therapy is a branch of functional medicine, so your therapist is trained to look beyond just the symptoms, to uncover the reason the symptoms became problematic. A detailed history and thorough initial assessment means your therapist gains an in depth understanding about the factors that may be impacting on your body, causing your pain and/or dysfunction. The aim of treatment is always to reduce or eliminate pain and improve functional movement and wellbeing.

woman with Chronic fatigue

So what can a musculoskeletal therapist can help you with?

– Acute pain & injury

– Chronic pain

– Nerve pain/neuropathy/radiculopathy– Chronic inflammation/sensitisation

– Arthritis

– Back pain

– Neck pain

– Shoulder pain

– Knee pain

– Ankle/foot pain

– Migraine and Headaches

– Jaw pain/TMJ dysfuction/Trigeminal neuralgia

– Depression/anxiety

– Pre/post surgery

– Allergies & Autoimmune conditions

– Gut health/digestive issues/IBS

– Stress/cognitive function/memory

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