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Lactose intolerance digestive discomfort

Do I Have A Dairy Allergy or Lactose Intolerance?

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Do I Have A Dairy Allergy or Lactose Intolerance?

Experiencing digestive discomfort after drinking milk, eating cheese, yoghurt, and even ice cream is unfortunately fairly common. A lot of people typically put this down to lactose intolerance, which is a widespread issue and often the culprit of upset bellies following the consumption of dairy products.

Although Dairy Allergy can cause similar symptoms in some people. Dairy Allergy is usually more severe, with allergic reactions beginning within minutes or sometimes delayed for several hours.

Lactose intolerance is caused by the absence or deficiency of a certain digestive enzyme (lactase) that breaks down the sugar in milk (lactose), whereas a dairy allergy is your immune system’s response to the proteins found in foods containing dairy.

Signs and Symptoms of Dairy Issues

About 65 percent of people worldwide are lactose intolerant, of which, about 5 percent are allergic to dairy. Both afflictions can cause similar symptoms, so it’s important to get tested if you are experiencing any of the following after consuming dairy products:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Rash
  • Swelling
  • Asthma-like wheezing
  • Tightness in the throat and trouble swallowing

At Capalaba Natural Health, our experts can assist you with an elimination diet to identify the root cause of your digestive issue, with food intolerance testing to recognise what foods are causing problems.

What’s the difference between Dairy Allergy & Lactose Intolerance?

  • Dairy Allergy

    Dairy allergy is normally related to the consumption of cow’s milk but people can be allergic to other types of dairy. Many people still buy and consume dairy even despite having adverse reactions to it. Reactions can be mild, in the form of rashes or quite severe, including trouble breathing and loss of consciousness.

  • Lactose Intolerance

    You are likely lactose intolerant if your symptoms occur within 30 minutes to 2 hours following the consumption of dairy products, particularly those higher in lactose.

    Lactose, which is the sugar that is naturally present in dairy products, requires the enzyme lactase to break it down and turn it into glucose for easy digestion. If your body lacks this enzyme, it cannot be broken down and must carry on through to the large intestine, where it is fermented by your gut bacteria, causing inflammation and triggering the symptoms listed above. For more information on lactose intolerance, check out our blog how to know if you’re lactose intolerant.

How To Minimise Intolerances

Most people find that making small changes to their diet and reducing their consumption of dairy products alleviates symptoms immediately. However, it can be difficult to implement an elimination diet on your own, especially if you experience symptoms sporadically.

If you’re suffering from digestive issues and you suspect they are related to a dairy intolerance, we recommend consulting a specialist. Call Capalaba Natural Health on (07) 3823 3103 to secure an appointment or book your Naturopathic digestive health consultation online. Understand your symptoms and begin to enjoy food without experiencing discomfort.

How to Eliminate Constipation and Feel Great

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Constipation is defined as having hard, dry bowel movements or going to the toilet less than three times a week. It is one of the most common digestive issues and affects around 2.5 million people.


What causes constipation?

Your colon’s main job is to absorb water from residual food as it’s passing through your digestive system. It then creates stool (waste).

The colon’s muscles eventually propel the waste out through the rectum to be eliminated. If your stool remains in the colon too long, it can become hard and difficult to pass.

Poor diet frequently causes constipation. Dietary fibre is necessary to provide bulk to your stool to help it pass easily. Adequate water intake is necessary to help keep stools soft. Additionally if you don’t drink enough water, around 2L per day, then your colon will suck as much water from your waste as it can, contributing to a harder stool.

Stress, changes in routine, and conditions that slow muscle contractions of the colon or delay your urge to go may also lead to constipation.

Holding on to emotions can be another factor with constipation and our resident kinesiologist Sinead can help unblock those emotions and in turn unblock your colon. You can check out what Sinead does by clicking here:

Food Intolerances are also major contributor to constipation. By eliminating the food that you are intolerant to you’ll improve your digestive health, reduce bloating, pain, discomfort and help to pass your stool normally. Click here for more information on our in-house test which will test the 59 foods most people are intolerant to… helping you regain your digestive health.



How to treat and prevent constipation

  • Changing your diet and increasing your physical activity level are the easiest and fastest ways to treat and prevent constipation.
  • Add fibre rich foods to your diet, such as raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, prunes, or bran cereal. Your daily intake of fibre should be between 20 and 35 grams.
  • Drink at least two litres of water per day to keep your bowels flushed clean and lubricated.
  • Reduce diuretics which remove water from your system
  • Cut down on low-fibre foods, such as meat, milk, cheese and processed foods.
  • Add fibre supplements to your diet if needed. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids because fluids help fibre work more efficiently.
  • Remove the foods that you are intolerant to.

High fibre food to help redduce constipation


Click here for more information on Naturopathy or how our Naturopath can help you improve your health and wellbeing. You can Call the clinic today to see Our Award Winning Naturopath Tony to see how he can help. You can also book online here.

Important information about Corona Virus

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With the Corona Virus currently impacting Australia and the Rest of the World I wanted to let you know that here at Capalaba Natural Health we are following the advice from the Department of Health in terms of safely and hygiene plus applying our own Natural Health Knowledge. We want to reassure you that we are committed to a safe and healthy environment for everyone entering the clinic and have taken the following safety measures:

– Disinfecting / cleaning of rooms, equipment and surfaces daily
–  Ensuring staff and clients are washing hands regularly
– Providing hand sanitisation
– An Anti viral / Anti bacterial essential oil blend is also being diffused within the clinic.

We want to continue helping support you with your health and weight loss journey and see no need for cancelling appointments unless you have:

1. Recently returned from overseas AND have respiratory symptoms (including fever, sore throat and a cough)

2. Been in close contact with someone confirmed to have Corona Virus

We are offering Naturopathic and Weight Loss phone consultations too if you prefer or are self isolated.

As health is our main priority we would like to remind all our clients that if you are experiencing flu like symptoms e.g. temperature/fevers, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing or cough that you call the clinic and book in for a phone consultation so that we can still assist you rather than coming in to the clinic.

If you are in need of supplements we are able to post them out to you. Immune boosting herbs like Super Mushroom Complex or Andro NK  are a great addition to a healthy diet right now along with Zinc, Vit C and Probiotics.

Should you have a cough or cold we can make up liquid herbs to support you.

Our Kinesiologist Sinead is continuing to treat clients but she is also offering distance healing too.

Prevention is always better than cure so please ensure that you are taking all the necessary measures to avoid getting sick and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support through these stressful times as we all try to navigate this new territory the best way we can.

Take Care

Naturopath and Owner of Capalaba Natural Health.

capalaba natural health staff

Bec Ramsay

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Rebecca Ramsey - Practitioner support at Capalaba Natural Health

Practitioner Support | Reception

Bec has always been involved in the health and wellness industry, having been a receptionist for medical practitioners, dentists and also in physiotherapy. Bec is the mother of 2 girls and is a lover of all aspects of healthy living – from food, to exercise to enjoying life overall.

Bec is positive and friendly and as well as being great with people, she is an animal lover and also a passionate horse rider.

Robyn Pearson Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Massage Therapist

Sinead Kelly

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Sinead Kelly | Kinesiology

Sinead first stumbled upon Kinesiology many years ago when she suffered with chronic headaches. The headaches were affecting all aspects of her life. A family friend gave her the name of a Kinesiologist, who she thought may be able to help. Sinead continued to see the Kinesiologist for a number of months. For the first time in many years, she felt fantastic.

Studying Holistic Kinesiology and Natural therapies was then a natural progression for Sinead and has been one the best decisions of her life. She transitioned from a corporate job to a career in Holistic therapies. Since then, she has made massive changes in all aspects of her life. It is really important to Sinead to balance all areas of her life and health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so she works continuously with multiple diverse practitioners both to benefit her own health and the health of her clients.

In addition to Holistic kinesiology Sinead has studied Mind Body medicine, aromatherapy and is passionate about energy healing and essential oils. Her sessions are a mix of all of these as appropriate for what she is are working on with her clients. She is passionate about helping people to understand themselves and to achieve true health and happiness. She encourages you to have the faith, courage and confidence to make the changes that you need to make to improve the quality of your life. She provides a space where you are free to be yourself. Sinead works with adults with stress and anxiety in her clinic and with children and adolescents issues including bed-wetting, separation anxiety, concentration behavioural and emotional issues.

tony daniel naturopath review

Tony Daniel

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Tony Daniel - Naturopath, Weight Loss, Reiki Master

Tony Daniel Owner | Award Winning Naturopath | Weightloss Specialist | Reiki Master | Bodytalk | 

Hailing from New Zealand, Tony Daniel has been involved in the wellness industry since 2001 in an effort to pursue a work-life balance. Aside from being a Naturopath, Tony has a background in Reiki, Kinesiology, Bodytalk and Body Psychotherapy.

Tony has the travel bug, and has travelled through Asia, North and South America and Europe quite extensively. He arrived in Brisbane in 2003 and has been living in the Redlands since then.

Tony brings passion, humour and a “can do” approach to his work, always encouraging and assisting others to develop themselves and to transform their health.

He is also passionate about yoga, animals, his English Cocker spaniel Eve and is an avid fan of the English Premier League team, Arsenal.

Tony specializes in:

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