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Dairy Free Alternatives

By February 4, 2020December 11th, 2020Blogs

Are you lactose or dairy intolerant? Do you suffer from cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, skin rashes, hives, asthma? You quite possibly could be dairy or lactose intolerant. Around 65% of the population is dairy or lactose intolerant. When you think about it, it’s a little bit weird that humans drink milk from another species? I mean, would you honestly walk up to a cow and start sucking on it’s teet? Cow’s milk is designed for baby cows to drink so that they can grow up to be big cows. Just like human babies drink their mothers milk in the early stages of life. So why would we swap species? No wonder there are so many people with dairy or lactose intolerances.  If you are unsure if dairy is an issue for you we can do a simple finger prick and find out. For more information click here. So let’s talk about some dairy free alternatives!

What is the difference between lactose intolerance and dairy intolerance?

To break it down, lactose intolerance is simply an intolerance to the lactose portion of milk which is the milk sugar. Dairy intolerance is likely to be an intolerance to the sugar (lactose) plus some of the milk proteins such as Casein.

How to know if you are lactose or dairy intolerant…

Now that we know what the difference is how would you know which one you are intolerant too? If you know that dairy products give you digestive issues but you aren’t sure whether it’s just the lactose or the full dairy then you can quite easily do a simple test by staying completely off all dairy products for a period of two weeks then drink a glass of Zymel milk. If you suffer from pains in the belly, bloating, gas, diarrhea then you are more than likely have a full dairy intolerance. If you can drink the Zymel with no ill effects then you may only be intolerant to lactose as this is a lactose free milk.

The most accurate way to find out if you are dairy intolerant or if you  have any intolerances to other foods is to come and see Tony our award winning Naturopath at Capalaba Natural Health and get a food intolerance test. With a quick finger prick to extract a tiny amount of blood, you will be tested against 59 different foods. You will know within 45 minutes what you are intolerant to and you can start your path to feeling healthy, well and with a vibrance for life once again. For more information click here.

Dairy Free Alternatives

So you know that you are Dairy Intolerant. What now? Well don’t despair! There are plenty of alternatives and really good ones too! The supermarkets are filled with milk, yoghurt, icecream and cheese alternatives these days.

Milk Alternatives:

Soy Milk – Vitasoy Milky is the best tasting and Vitasoy Calci Plus has half your daily calcium supply.

Coconut Milk – Pure Harvest is a great one.

Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Rice Milk

You can also make your own plant based nut milk by soaking 1 cup of your nut of choice in 5 cups of water overnight with a little bit of sweetener like honey, maple syrup or 2 dates. Then blend in a high speed blender the next day, strain the milk through cheese cloth into a glass jar or bottle. It will last in the fridge for a few days. Simple!

Cheese Alternatives:

Bio Cheese which you can find at Coles and Woolworths is a great all rounder that tastes quite good. It comes in sliced or a block or as feta and halloumi.

Sheese which you can find at Coles and Woolworths. A bit of a  stronger flavour but comes in different styles of cheese too.

Tofutti is a cream cheese that you can find at specialty stores as is notzarella which is a soy based mozzarella alternative.

And there are the gourmet cheeses that you can find at stores like The Green Edge or The Vegan Cheese Shop and Nutritious and Delicious

Yoghurt Alternatives:

Coconut Yoghurt is the most popular and tastes really good. Brands like Cocobella and Nakula can be found at Woolworths.

CoYo is a great tasting one that you can find at specialty stores and most IGAs.

There is also Soy yoghurt found at supermarkets.

Or you can make your own by following this recipe here:

Easy 2 Ingredient Coconut Yoghurt


Ice Cream Alternatives:

Magnum and Cornetto have created a dairy free version of their ice creams which taste delicious. You can find them at Coles, Woolworths and selected petrol stations.

Aldi do a delicious coconut ice cream in a few different flavours. Salted caramel is a personal fave.

Ben & Jerry’s also offer delicious dairy free ice cream. There is also the soy range of ice cream products.

Don’t forget sorbet is also dairy free.

So it’s not that bad, is it?

Luckily these days companies are stepping up and seeing the huge shift towards plant based or vegan, dairy free alternatives. So there is plenty of choice and it will only continue to grow as more people embrace this healthier way of eating. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above and feel like a food intolerance test would get to the bottom of the issues that you have been having, call the clinic today on 3823 3103 to get tested. For more information about Food Intolerance Testing  Click here

If you would like more information on how Naturopathy or how our Naturopath can help you click here.

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