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DNA rebalancing with the Physiospect

By May 31, 2016March 12th, 2019Blogs

Have you been told you have a hereditary health condition or disease?

DNA TreeIf so, Then a DNA Rebalancing with the Physiospect may be able to help you.

Have you been told your family genes increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart conditions, thyroid disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer or some other health condition?

Did you know … your state of health is not limited by a diagnosis that identifies a family history or a particular gene expression?

Why not have your DNA rebalanced and harmonized so you can perform at YOUR very best.

Your DNA holds all the instructions on how to create new cells, where to go in the body and how to function as a particular tissue, organ or gland.

Scientific studies have confirmed that we are exposed on a daily basis to many environmental and technological toxins which damage our DNA. Our ultimate ‘’set of instructions’’ are corrupted by these exposures which creates dysfunction within our body that increases from generation to generation.

You may be doing lots of things to help yourself with regards to your health, but if each new cell you create is equally corrupted with damaged DNA, then you will only reproduce more of the same thing.

DNA Rebalancing with the Physiospect

If you can relate to some of the things above, then you may wish to consider DNA rebalancing with the Physiospect process. This is a 2 hour session where all 200 of your DNA fragments are evaluated and then enhanced with the frequency of healthy DNA tissue. With better instructions, your DNA will reproduce new cells also with the updated instructions. During the session you will also listen to DNA healing music set at a specific frequency designed to synergistically enhance your DNA repair and rebalance process.


DNA Rebalancing with the Physiospect


The graphics on the screen of the physiospect will allow you to see for yourself what state your DNA is currently in. You will gain insights into the various exposures that are currently impacting and overwhelming your DNA, compromising their function. You will recognize areas where you can reduce your exposure and support your DNA yourself. You will also see through the Physiospect graphics the improvements as they are happening in your body.

A DNA rebalancing with the Physiospect with Mike is currently being offered as a heavily discounted 2 hour session for onDNAly $158 (normally $200).

Mike Curtis is available for Physiospect appointments at Capalaba Natural Health. To make an appointment please phone Mike on 0407 021 719 to book in a DNA rebalance and begin a more empowered life breaking free of your genetic limitations.

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