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Does Modern Society Help Increase or Reduce Stress?

By November 10, 2014September 14th, 2021Blogs

Does Modern Society Help Increase or Reduce StressIn today’s society many people are feeling the pressures of too many obligations.

Whether it’s from work and your career, or just in your everyday lifestyle, stress is a major threat to our health. If you often find yourself feeling completely and utterly exhausted by the end of the week, chances are you are suffering from chronic stress.

One thing we all need to realise is that not all stress is negative. Everyone experiences it one way or another, and having a little bit of stress is normal. For example, the stress that you feel to finish a big project that’s due in the next week is positive stress, as long as you don’t let it take over your life. This kind of stress is what motivates us to do our best and reach goals that we make for ourselves.

The problem is that the majority of the population is suffering from chronic stress.

Chronic stress is when stress takes over your life and affects your health and everyday functions. Stress can cause other major illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

However, is stress a result of the pressures of our modern day society?

Let’s examine the situation.

One way that modern society can cause stress in our lives is our need to constantly stay busy. We never take time to just sit down and relax, we are constantly coming and going, never taking time to just smell the roses. Many people are multi-tasking than ever before and the reason why is because of modern society and what it expects of us.

It is true, that we simply have too many obligations in life. We do need to take a look at what we can cross off this ever growing list.

We have also seemed to have forgotten what patience is and how to use it. We can be our own enemy in most situations, turning simple situations into a major disaster in our mind.

You know when you are on your way somewhere and you get stuck behind someone going slower than you would like, most of us don’t have patience and easily become outraged by a simple situation. This causes stress that can easily be avoided.

Modern technology can also increase your stress level, especially by having access to so many different means of communication. Think of all the time you spend in one day looking at your computer or your mobile phone, or tablet.

We are an information society and people insist on throwing information at us via the email, websites, social media, blogs, TV, mobile phones, radio stations, newspapers and every other conceivable way.

You actually get overwhelmed by information and have a difficult time switching off.

If we were able to compile all this time into one solid block and limit our unnecessary information intake outside of this time block, can you imagine how much extra time you would have to finish work or actually spend time doing hobbies and interests.

The key is to take time to simply relax and live a good life. No need to stress about unavoidable problems, just try to go with the flow and relax.

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