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Eat Chocolate and Dance Hard: Who Said Silly Season Can’t Be Healthy?

By November 10, 2014January 21st, 2019Blogs

Silly season is incredibly close, and what comes with silly season, besides tons of fun? Parties, chocolate, and a never-ending temptation to fall back from your healthy lifestyle. It’s possible to stay on traNaturopathck while still giving in from time to time.

1. Don’t Overeat

We all know that during the holiday season, we have a tendency to overeat, and it’s not only overeating that hurts our diets, it’s what we are overeating. Lots of sweets and cakes are famous around this time. Don’t hurt yourself by not eating anything that gives your sweet tooth that satisfaction, but don’t overeat either. However, do eat dark chocolate in small amounts. Research studies have shown us the dark chocolate bars, that are at least 70% cacao, are actually good for your health, in moderation.

2. Keep Active

Just because it’s the holiday season, does not mean that we should slack off on our regular exercise routines. Since many of us will be attending many parties, why not take advantage of the great music and dance the night away? Dancing is an awesome form of exercise, why not take advantage of it?

3. Watch the Drinks

Especially on New Year’s Eve, most of us consume alcohol. This seems like the natural thing to do, it’s how we celebrate. The problem is most of us consume too much, and this will lead to weight gain. Don’t deny yourself a glass or two of wine, but don’t go any farther than that.

4. Know When to Say No

When you’re in an environment, like work for example, and everyone is celebrating the holiday season with cookies, cakes, punch, and all kinds of tempting treats, just say no. You need to have the willpower to be able to just walk away. Tell yourself that you will enjoy a few treats on the actual holiday, not the days leading up to it.

5. Keep a Healthy Snack Handy

When you are in those sticky situations that are tempting you to eat that delicious piece of pie, have a healthy snack on hand. If you always find yourself with a healthier option when you’re hungry, it will put away with the excuse that you didn’t have any other option than to eat the junk food presented before you. Remember, always eat before you go grocery shopping, you will buy much less.

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