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Is Food Intolerance Testing the answer to your health concerns?

By July 15, 2016August 20th, 2021Blogs

Food Intolerance Testing

If you are suffering from any of the following conditions you may have food intolerances which are the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Food Intolerances can cause the following:

Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Auto-Immune conditions

Bed wetting, Bloating, Blood Sugar Issues, Brain Fog, BronchitisFood Intolerance time bomb consider Food Intolerance testing

Coeliac, Chronic Fatigue, Constipation

Depression, Diarrhoea, Fibromyalgia, Fluid Retention

Gastritis, Headaches, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Insomnia, IBS, Migraines, Pain

Sleep disturbances,  Weight Control

Eliminating foods that you are intolerant too has been clinically proven to reduce these symptoms.

How Does It Work?

At Capalaba Natural Health we do in-house food intolerance testing using the Food Detective Test. This tests for the 59 most common foodFood Detective Test for Food Intolerance Testings that people are intolerant too including foods such as Wheat, Dairy, Gluten, Seafood, Yeast, Eggs etc. The Food Detective Test looks for an IgG antibody reaction in your blood.

The test is perform by way of a simple finger prick and results are available within 35 minutes. They are quick, accurate and reliable.

IgG stands for Immunoglobulin G. Immunoglobulins are antibodies which are produced by the immune system in response to foreign substances entering the body. They are produced by specialized white blood cells types called B-Lymphocytes as a defense against invaders. The IgG antibodies that the Food Detective Tests for are typically caused by foods. If a food creates high levels of IgG antibodies it will generally cause inflammation, irritation of the intestinal lining and create many of the symptoms associated with the conditions listed above.

Your test will highlight 4 different levels of food intolerances for each of the 59 foods tested.

Level 0 = No IgG reaction and therefore no intolerance was identified

Level 1 = A mild IgG reaction was identified. You need to reduce the food tested and only have it 1-2 times per week.

Level 2 = A moderate IgG reaction was identified and therefore you need to eliminate the food in question for 6 months before reintroducing it. This can reset your immune system and eliminate the IgG reaction.

Level 3 = A high level of IgG reaction was identified and you need to eliminate this food for the rest of your life in order to avoid the symptoms it is creating.

An independent audit, conducted in 1998, demonstrated that 70% of patients reported significant reduction in symptoms after eliminating the foods high in IgG levels as indicated by the Food Detective detective food intolerance test 45 percent

With 45% of the population suffering from food intolerances chances are you will be too. This therefore represents a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your health.

I have personally seen incredible results in the clinic when clients have eliminated the foods that they are intolerant too. Typically energy levels rise, pain, brain fog and bloating disappear or diminish and bowel function returns to normal.

For more information on food intolerance testing click here 

Written by Award Winning Naturopath Tony Daniel from Capalaba Natural Health.


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