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Lose 8 KGS in 7 weeks

By October 1, 2019Articles

So, we’ve all been there; looked at ourselves in the mirror and not liked what’s looking back at us. From our experience, the biggest factors to why people don’t lose weight is the impending dread to how long it will take to lose those extra kilos and the perceived effort it’s going to take.
We have assisted over 3,000 people lose weight quickly, safely and responsibly. More importantly, we’ve help people keep the weight off. In most cases, we’ve helped people attain their target weight very quickly.

Capalaba Natural Health specialises in weight loss solutions and our clients typically lose between 20kg and 30kg. People start their weight loss journey for wide and varied reasons. Maybe it’s to get healthier, for that upcoming wedding or maybe you’re looking to lose some post-pregnancy weight. We’ve seen many successful weight-loss journeys start with the hCG diet.

HcG Diet Plan and HcG drops for weight loss
Woman who visited a weight loss naturopath

A lot of people ask us what the hCG diet is and how it can help them.  In short, the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet is a low-calorie diet that does not involve any exercise. The diet is designed to activate mechanisms in your body to suppress your appetite and to burn fat for energy. It also helps to reset the hypothalamus to assist in the prevention of regaining the weight.

Check out our website for more details on the hCG diet by following this link.

Thanks to the hCG diet, our clients often lose between 7kg and 8kg in as little as seven weeks.  But don’t just take our word for it!  Read what some of our lovely clients have to say about our weight loss programs.

“Tony has given me the necessary skills to turn my life around. Losing 10+kg in 6.5 weeks is something I could have only dreamed of and I definitely have my confidence back! In addition to a healthy body, the recommended supplements have positively affected my mental health. The reception staff are also super lovely.” Jessica Bryan.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would loose 17 kilograms in 20 weeks and keep it off. Thanks Tony you are awesome.” Natalie Allison.

“Tony helped me lose the last pesky weight after having my little man. 3 years on and I was still holding onto 6kg of excess weight that I just could not shift. Tony got me motivated to cut the carbs and also supported my journey with the right advice and supplements. Whenever I wavered – he got me back on track. I’m feeling much stronger and healthier. Thank you so much Tony and Capalaba Natural Health.” Sinead Kelly

lose weight around your middle by seeing a weight loss naturopath

Get started with your weight loss journey today.  Contact us for your free, no-obligation weight loss assessment by clicking on the following link and see how we can help you to lose weight and look & feel great.

Book your free 30-minute weight loss assessment now to start improving your wellbeing today!

About Capalaba Natural Health

Capalaba Natural Health is multi-modality wellness clinic located the Redlands City, on the eastern side of Brisbane specialising in weight loss, managing fatigue and regaining vitality, stress, and digestive issues to help you get on track for improved vitality. Set up by Naturopath Tony Daniel in 2003, the experienced staff at Capalaba Natural Health have been helping people just like you achieve health and happiness.

At Capalaba Natural Health, our team is comprised of qualified practitioners, each of us holding the relevant certifications that can help us guide you in the right direction toward a better well-being. Passionate about natural medicine and improving client health, our practitioners have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry and are dedicated to developing their clinical expertise regularly.

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