How can a Naturopath in Brisbane help you?


Naturopathy is a system of natural health care that couples modern science and testing with a holistic natural approach. A naturopath uses natural supplements, nutrition and dietary advice which work in harmony with the body to address health issues and assist the body’s natural healing ability.

Rather than simply address symptoms or repress issues, naturopathy is designed to look further into the cause of your health imbalance and find a resolution through dietary plans, food intolerance testing, weight loss or natural supplements. As a natural and safe alternative to other medicines, naturopathy can treat acute and chronic conditions such as weight loss, fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive conditions, children’s health and hormonal imbalances for men and woman of all ages.

At Capalaba Natural Health, our team is comprised of qualified Brisbane naturopaths, each of us holding the relevant certifications that can help us guide you in the right direction toward a better well-being. Passionate about natural medicine and improving client health, our practitioners have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry and are dedicated to developing their clinical expertise regularly.

In your first consultation, we will discuss your current health and what you expect for the future, taking our time to understand the underlying causes of your health issues. It’s important we get an extensive health history from you to determine the best course of action. Each characteristic about your illness as well as mind, body and spirit is unique, and that’s why our experienced naturopaths will give you a treatment plan based on your individual and specific needs and requirements.

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Our Expertise

Our Brisbane Naturopaths are trained general practitioners specialising in natural medicine. Cooperating with all other branches of medical science, registered and qualified naturopaths have studied clinical nutrition, botanical and physical medicines, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling. This extensive research ensures that your practitioner has the knowledge to provide assistance for an array of health problems.

Tony Daniel created Capalaba Natural Health in 2003 to bring a superior service to clients in the Capalaba and Redland Bay regions. The team is now comprised of experts with current qualifications in the field of Naturopathy and Nutrition to ensure your well-being now and in the future.

Our goal is to promote long-term wellness and prevent the development of further complications. As such, we educate our clients on the best practices and how to apply our advice into their everyday healthcare.

Our Naturopath can help with:

Our Brisbane naturopath’s are trained to find the underlying cause of your illness with the use of a variety of tests, medical tests, questionnaires and case taking. In order to become a naturopath, one must learn how to utilise plants and remedies while studying the human body and its functions.

Every person, and everybody is different. This makes each individual’s journey to optimum health different from the next. Your Naturopath may recommend dietary changes, increasing your water consumption, exercise, prescribe natural supplements and advise other changes to your lifestyle.

All recommendations are practical and are designed to have the maximum positive effect on your health and wellbeing with minimal disruption. Our solutions are effective and practical. Committed to providing the best results for each client, we ensure individualised service in order to not only treat your symptoms, but treat you as a whole person.

At Capalaba Natural Health, our award-winning naturopath, Tony Daniel, uses naturopathy to treat a number of health concerns including:

  • Fatigue and Energy Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Female Reproductive Issues
  • Fertility
  • Menopause
  • Digestive Issues including Irritable bowel, bloating, constipation, diarrhea
  • Food Intolerances
  • Children’s Health
  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Hives, Acne and Psoriasis
  • Autoimmune
  • Pain, Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions
  • Heavy Metal Chelation
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Local Naturopath

For more than 10 years, Tony Daniel has had a strong focus on providing the best service and advice to clients from all walks of life. Whether you suffer from an acute or chronic illness, or you’re simply looking to improve your vitality, we have the experience, skills and knowledge to provide solutions that will have you feeling invigorated in your day-to-day life. Available to people of all ages, we welcome all clients in the Redland Bay region and surrounds to jump start their journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

With the relevant qualifications and the dedication to developing their clinical expertise regularly, the team at Capalaba Natural Health are passionate about natural medicine and improving client health using naturopath techniques in Wellington Point, Birkdale & Wynnum.

Helping People In Areas:

Since their inception in 2003, Capalaba Natural Health has created a team that has become the first choice naturopath on the Brisbane Southside; including:

    • Thornlands
    • Wynnum
    • Manly
    • Camphill
    • Redland Bay
    • Victoria Point
    • Alexandra Hills
    • Ormiston
    • Birkdale
    • Chandler
    • Wellington Point
    • Thorneside
    • Gumdale
    • Carina
    • Cleveland
    • Capalaba

We have helped people all over Brisbane but specifically in practice Naturopath in Manly, Wynnum, Carina and Camphill. If you live in these suburbs or the surrounding area visit us for a consultation. If you live in the bayside area and are looking to improve your health and wellbeing Capalaba Natural Health is a Naturopath Cleveland expert in helping clients in all surrounding suburbs. Come in to have a chat about your symptoms and start living a healthier more productive life today.

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At Capalaba Natural Health, we have been practicing naturopath in Brisbane for over ten years, servicing clients in Capalaba and the Redlands region. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a dedication to providing the best and most relevant results, we are committed to improving your well-being with natural medicine.

Naturopathy is designed for those who don’t respond to conventional medicine or are looking for alternative options to help solve their acute or chronic illness. Available to people of all ages, naturopathy can help resolve or prevent fatigue, sleep disturbance, skin conditions, migraines, emotional problems and more.  

For more information regarding our naturopath Brisbane services get in touch with Capalaba Natural Health today on (07) 3823 3013.