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Sinead Kelly | Kinesiology

Sinead first stumbled upon Kinesiology many years ago when she suffered with chronic headaches. The headaches were affecting all aspects of her life. A family friend gave her the name of a Kinesiologist, who she thought may be able to help. Sinead continued to see the Kinesiologist for a number of months. For the first time in many years, she felt fantastic.

Studying Holistic Kinesiology and Natural therapies was then a natural progression for Sinead and has been one the best decisions of her life. She transitioned from a corporate job to a career in Holistic therapies. Since then, she has made massive changes in all aspects of her life. It is really important to Sinead to balance all areas of her life and health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so she works continuously with multiple diverse practitioners both to benefit her own health and the health of her clients.

In addition to Holistic kinesiology Sinead has studied Mind Body medicine, aromatherapy and is passionate about energy healing and essential oils. Her sessions are a mix of all of these as appropriate for what she is are working on with her clients. She is passionate about helping people to understand themselves and to achieve true health and happiness. She encourages you to have the faith, courage and confidence to make the changes that you need to make to improve the quality of your life. She provides a space where you are free to be yourself. Sinead works with adults with stress and anxiety in her clinic and with children and adolescents issues including bed-wetting, separation anxiety, concentration behavioural and emotional issues.

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