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The 3 day Detox

By June 26, 2015Blogs

The 3 day detox diet will help reduce inflammation, reduce fluid retention rapidly and is great for weight loss.


  • Start each day with 5mls of lemon juice in warm water. This acts as a blood purifier and helps to eliminate excess fluid held in your system. The lemon juice also helps to alkalize your body.detox Picture
  • Drink 10 glasses of water daily
  • Take 30 mls of flaxseed oil and 15 mls of apple cider vinegar daily. (You can make up a salad dressing.)
  • Go for a slow ½ hour walk daily.
  • Avoid all drinks that contain caffeine
  • Avoid all soft drinks and alcohol


  • 100grms Watermelon or Grapefruit
  • 100grms Rockmelon or Cantaloupe
  • 100grms Pears, Peaches or Nectarines

Mid Morning

  • 100grms Strawberries or Raspberries
  • 100grms Blueberries or Pineapple


  • 60grms Lettuce
  • 60grms Tomato
  • 100grms Carrot
  • 100grms Beetroot

Afternoon Tea

  • 100grms Pear or Plum
  • 100grms Apple


  • 60grms bok choy or Chinese cabbage
  • 40 grms onion
  • 50grms capsicum
  • 50grms celery
  • 50 grms carrot

Flavour to taste with garlic, chilli and/or soy sauce.


  • 100grms Pineapple, Strawberries or Rockmelon

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