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What is Physiospect

By February 9, 2016January 21st, 2019Blogs

No need to worry. The strange noises that you can hear in the clinic lately are not emanating from Bec or from a naughty weight loss client that we have locked in the room … They are actually coming from ‘Quincy’ Mike’s Physiospect machine.Quincy the Physiospect

The strange beeping noises that you can often hear is Quincy hard at work helping people with a wide range of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, pain, digestive issue and autoimmune conditions to name but a few.


What is Physiospect

Physiospect fDoctor Picor you: Sometimes it may take a routine doctor’s visit to uncover an otherwise silent deterioration within our body. Other times it can be more dramatic and we don’t need a doctor to tell us something is wrong. We often don’t notice the small and subtle changes that go on all the time, because our body is designed to adapt and cope with all sorts of stressors. As we adapt and change to one stress, the next changes and adaptation to another stress is already happening.

But as the stressors accumulate within our body, our ability to continually adapt and cope is stretched to its limits until our adaptive processes no longer keep pace with the relentless stressors that our current environment and lifestyle throws at us.

Sometimes we don’t like the adaption our body has employed: At some point we will notice that something is not right. But it’s not until it gets bad enough that we begin to actually begin the process of asking what’s really wrong and finally do something about the now obvious dysfunction.

Physiospect is a blend of science and technology

Science established long ago that every single cell, tissue, organ, hormone and even our DNA has a specific frequency (vibration) where it functions optimally. Just like a radio station, tune in to the appropriate frequency (FM106.9) and you get great reception for that particular station. As our frequency gets further away from the optimal range, communication and function deteriorate until perhaps disease begins to set in.

If we could monitor our frequency and see the result as a number, a graph or a picture, we would see clearly the changes and perhaps deterioration happening right before our eyes.

Physiospect offers this visual representation and comparisons. For many people this can offer the stimulus and inspiration to begin vital changes necessary for regaining their health and wellbeing.

Physiospect actually strengthens your cells frequencyRaise your vibration with physiospect

But wait there’s more … Physiospect transmits the specific frequency of healthy tissue directly to that tissue in your body, just like tuning in to your radio station. This strengthens the tissue to cope better with whatever stressors are impacting on it and therefore it will function better.

Continue with regular enhancements, especially for the first few sessions, to build on the foundations of previous Physiospect sessions to get the best and most sustainable results.

Physiospect is a painless and non-intrusive process that facilitates the transfer of healthy frequencies directly to the respective cells, tissues, organs, hormones and DNA, supporting them in the perfection of their designed processes.

Special Physiospect Introductory Offer

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Written by Mike Curtis Physiospect Specialist

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