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A food intolerance should not be confused with a food allergy. While an allergy test determines an acute inflammatory response in the body, a food intolerance test looks deeper into your digestive system rather than your immune system. A food intolerance cannot be diagnosed through an allergy test and will not be executed by a general practitioner. That’s where Capalaba Natural Health comes in.

Our team is comprised of registered naturopaths and nutritionists qualified to carry out food intolerance testing in Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Cleveland and other surrounding suburbs – saving you a trip into Brisbane. We have been in operation for over 10 years and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to a range of services, including naturopathy and food intolerance testing. To ensure we provide you with the best possible service, we will take our time to understand your needs and requirements, as well as your health goals for the future.

It’s important to note that while a food intolerance rarely results in life-threatening reactions, it can affect your physical and mental well-being. Food intolerance can often mimic other diseases or health issues and, as such, can often be difficult to diagnose. At Capalaba Natural Health, it’s our priority to provide fast and reliable results for our clients to help them kickstart a healthier lifestyle. With a quick skin prick test, we can supply you with the results and assist you with interpreting the meaning. In addition to this, we can also work together to devise a treatment or diet plan that will suit your needs and requirements. A food intolerance test can be the simple answer to fixing the problem.

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Redland Bay Natural Health Specialists

Capalaba Natural Health has been providing diagnostic food intolerance testing for residents of Brisbane bayside and Redlands for over 10 years. As the leading health professionals for food intolerance tests in Carina, Wynnum, Manly, Thorneside, Gumdale, and Chandler, we are determined to help you live a better, healthier life. With our team of dedicated naturopaths and nutritionists, we can help pinpoint the foods causing you the most trouble.

It’s likely that you may not even realise the food you’re eating is what’s causing yourself and your body so much grief. Food intolerances can be responsible for a variety of symptoms including lethargy, fogginess and a general feeling of unwellness. Often, people can experience stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and feeling gassy.

Ketogenic diet

With proven results, we can test the 59 foods most people are intolerant too and devise a suitable diet to improve your well-being. The best part? At Capalaba Natural Health, we don’t make you wait days or weeks for your results. Instead, we can perform a food intolerance test within our clinic, providing results within 45 minutes. A simple test can check your reaction to 59 commonly eaten foods including:

  • Gluten
  • Cereals 
  • Nuts & Beans
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Other foods including Eggs, Cow’s Milk, Ginger, Mushroom, Tea & Yeast

Food Intolerance Test Servicing Areas

Local Food Intolerance Tests

At Capalaba Natural Health, we pride ourselves on being the leading Naturopaths and Nutritionists in the Redland Bay and Brisbane bayside region. We are always working to improve our services and further educate not only our staff, but our clients too. By providing a comprehensive analysis of your food intolerance test results, we are able to supply personalised feedback and recommendations along with individualised dietary programs. Operating for over ten years, we are proud to have grown our business through establishing a reputable brand name and improving the health of our local community.

Helping People In Areas:

As a Capalaba-based business and the leaders in natural health solutions, we are open to any who wish to improve their well-being. Our main service areas for food intolerancs tests include:

  • Thornlands
  • Wynnum
  • Manly
  • Redland Bay
  • Victoria Point
  • Alexandra Hills
  • Ormiston
  • Birkdale
  • Chandler
  • Wellington Point
  • Thorneside
  • Gumdale
  • Cleveland
  • Capalaba

We specialise in helping people with identifying the underlying issues of food intolerance in Brisbane and all of the above surrounding suburbs.

Book Your Food Intolerance Test Today

It’s important to never self-diagnose your symptoms and start avoiding foods based on your reactions. By eliminating certain foods from your diet, you may be at risk of developing a nutritional deficiency. It’s always recommended that if you believe you are suffering from a food intolerance that you consult an accredited Naturopath or Nutritionist to ensure you receive a proper diagnosis. At Capalaba Natural Health, we can provide food intolerance tests to Ormiston, Birkdale, Thornlands and Wellington Point residents as well as clients in surrounding suburbs.

Are you showing signs and symptoms of a food intolerance? Don’t wait for your well-being to deteriorate, book a food intolerance test at Capalaba Natural Health today by calling our Naturopath or Nutritionists on (07) 3823 3103.

If you have any further queries or would simply like to discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to call, email or visit our clinic.