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Maintain Weight Loss Results After HcG

Many people see great weight loss results from the HcG diet. It is an easy and effective way to lose weight quickly, and it sets you in good stead for a healthy lifestyle going forward. If you’re looking for a great way to lose weight and keep it off, learn more about the HcG diet.

Our Top Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss After HcG

Losing weight is one thing. Oftentimes the challenge is in keeping the weight off once you have lost it. We understand – life gets in the way, you get busy, and it can be easy to slip back into the same patterns you were in before you lost the weight. To avoid this, we have put together a list of recommendations that will help you maintain weight loss after HcG.

Continue eating with a structure

If you have used the HcG diet and are no longer taking the HcG drops, you should still continue to structure your meals to maintain your body weight. Even if you have lost weight through any other method and you are looking to avoid gaining it back, eating with a structure is a great idea. Planning a few meals ahead, understanding what is going into your body, and avoiding eating late at night will help you to stay on track with your weight loss or maintenance goals.

Use proven lifestyle diets to maintain weight loss

Lifestyle diets help to provide a structured way of eating which help maintain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, reduce cardiovascular disease and increase energy levels through food and healthy eating.
Some proven lifestyle diets you could consider include:

  • Intermittent Fasting such as The 5:2 Diet or 16:8 Diet
  • The Blood Type Diet
  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • Vegetarian / Vegan Diet

There are many lifestyle diets. The best diet is generally the one that suits your body best and which allows you to stick to the structure most of the time so that you reap its benefits.

Introduce variety into your diet

Enjoying your food is so important! If you are eating a plain diet that isn’t satisfying or enjoyable, you will inevitably get bored and begin to crave sugary and fatty foods more often and more intensely. Introducing variety into your day-to-day intake ensures that your healthy diet is sustainable and enjoyable. This includes having a variety of colours, flavours, and cuisines.


Exercise doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym or running 10kms each day. This works for some people, but not everyone, and it’s important to find a way to move your body that you enjoy. Look at ways to increase movement in your everyday life. Take the stairs instead of taking the lift. Hop off your bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Drink enough water so that you have to get up from your desk to walk to and from the bathroom several times a day. These are just a few ways to increase movement – anything you can do to move your body more will help to lose weight and keep the weight off!

Manage stress and other emotional triggers

It’s no secret that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies. Stress and emotional upheaval can make us crave sugary and fatty foods because they temporarily stimulate our brain’s pleasure sensors – they are called comfort foods for this exact reason! Unfortunately this can lead to a vicious cycle because higher consumption of these kinds of foods (ie. lollies, chocolate, deep-fried foods etc) makes us feel more stressed and lethargic once our bodies start trying to process the fat or come down from the blood sugar spike. Managing your stress and other emotional triggers not only looks after your mental health but also helps you stay on top of your physical health as well. There are many naturopathic herbs and supplements to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and increase energy levels.

Eliminating food intolerances

Food intolerances are extremely common, yet often go undiagnosed because many people do not realise that their problems are stemming from foods and they don’t know how to identify what is causing their symptoms. By taking a food intolerance test you can understand what food or foods are causing problems for you and start feeling better. Eliminating food intolerances improves your overall health and can lead to a reduction in weight. We recently had one client lose 10kg of weight just by eliminating the foods that she was intolerant to.

Keep a food diary

Writing down what kind of foods you are eating on a day-to-day basis brings greater consciousness to your diet and nutrition. It allows you to observe if certain events or times of day/night trigger certain eating patterns, and can also help you recognise a food intolerance. Once you are aware of what you are eating and when, and how it is making you feel, you can take control of your diet and your weight.

Use the HcG Diet strategically to maintain your weight

Many clients who have lost weight using the HcG like to use it strategically to help them maintain their weight loss. Many like to do the HcG diet every January just for 3 weeks. If, like most of us, you have overindulged over the Christmas period then doing the HcG Diet in January lets you reset your mind to eating healthy. You can lose 3-5kg and start the year off in a health-conscious and positive way. Some clients also like to do this at spring time too by way of a clean up, detox and weight management program. Book a free weight loss assessment with our specialist Tony to start you off right!

Are You Concerned About Maintaining Your Weight Loss?

These are all great tips if you want to keep the weight off and continue feeling and looking amazing. However, we understand it isn’t always easy or possible to do this by yourself each day. At Capalaba Natural Health, we specialise in weight loss and helping people keep the weight off that they have already lost. We support you to achieve your goals not just now but also in the future. Contact us today on 07 3823 3103.

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