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Myth or Fact: Does Falling in Love Help You Lose Weight?

By February 20, 2015November 9th, 2018Blogs

Being in love is a great feeling.  It not only changes your life but also the way you think and your perspectives as well.Myth or Fact - Does Falling in Love Helps You Lose Weight

When you fall in love, you feel more upbeat, more positive, and you overlook the small things that may have once bothered you.

Life seems to be buzzing, there’s more smiling and laughing.  It’s easier to enjoy the things around you – and if you look back and remember, even the weirdest and most unusual things appear to have a charm!  Happiness is abound and it’s something that you enjoy and share with others too.

Now that feeling of being in love is really a unique feeling, however have you heard that the feeling you get of being in love helps you to lose weight?

Due to the hormones generated, the higher spirits and the shift in attitude, it stands to reason that when you are in love, you naturally strive to become healthier as well as fitter.

Now whilst there is no empirical proof that falling in love helps you to lose weight there are researchers looking into it to see if there is truth to this belief.

Many researchers are of the view that love and weight loss are connected psychologically.  It is because of the simple reason that when you are in love, you shift your thinking and perceptions so that you want to look and feel your best and so you start paying attention to your health.

You tend to follow all the diet plans strictly and even work out just to stay fit!  This results in weight loss and it will even help increase your confidence.

It’s noticeable, that even without the exercises, you will tend to lose a couple of kilos, and it does get attributed to the magical effect of love.

While the researchers are still researching, and the proof is being sought, you can still say that falling in love is the catalyst – the inspiration to lose weight – that’s a win-win situation right?  You not only have a relationship to look forward to, but you also experience weight loss.

It is very clear that love has a lot of influence in your life, and although there is no clear proof for love being a solution for weight loss, it does come down to your own beliefs – doubters will always doubt, but if you believe that love is something that brings a smile to your face and results in loss of weight, then go with it.

For new love and existing relationships, it’s important to nurture and cultivate that feeling, and not let it go away.  In the book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” (Gary Chapman), there is a great explanation on how to keep this feeling alive: Chapman explains that different people express and understand love in different ways, so if you don’t communicate in the language your partner understands then your expressions of love won’t be realised.

In a nutshell, Chapman explains the 5 Love Languages as:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

Understanding your love language, and your partner’s love language can help keep that “falling in love” feeling strong.

What do you think your Love Language is, and what about your partner’s Love Language?

Leave us a comment below, we’d love to read your ideas!

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