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Weight Loss & Pregnancy

By August 6, 2019Blogs

Weight Loss & Pregnancy

In a world where there are more weight loss products, diet-programs and TV shows than you can shake a stick at, we are all becoming more and more aware of the importance of looking after ourselves, our health and our weight. There are many reasons why people are turning to weight loss products and diets such as Keto but there are some people who are looking to lose weight so they can increase their chances of hearing the pitta-patter of tiny feet reverberate around their homes! We all know the obvious health reasons to losing weight and getting fitter, but weight loss and pregnancy isn’t always talked about or discussed as a reason to lose those stubborn kilos. Recent studies in the United States and Australia have shown that losing as little as 5% of your body weight can increase your chances of conceiving.

Why Does Weight Loss Matter In Pregnancy?

For Women
Weight loss can increase your chances of becoming pregnant, but we really must explore why being over-weight can affect pregnancy and the chances of falling pregnant.
Losing fat makes you healthier, helps your liver detoxify your body and process hormones that need to be in perfect balance to fall pregnant. Losing weight and having a strong, healthy body creates a healthier environment for the baby to grow in and receive all the nutrients it needs, which in turn will help sustain pregnancy and create a healthier child. By helping clients lose weight and cleaning up their bodies we have helped many woman conceive who had previously been unable too.

For Men
Being a man is 50% of the process of creating a child. Strong, healthy sperm is needed to fertilise the egg and losing weight will help increase sperm counts, raise testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels. Zinc levels are important for good quality sperm along with other vitamins and minerals. Studies have suggested that for men to increase their chances of fathering children they should reach a healthier weight at least three months prior to conception. For men, reaching this target three months prior, is incredibly important as recent studies have determined it takes around three-months for sperm to develop and getting in shape assists with healthy sperm.

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Weight Loss and Pregnancy With Fertility Treatments

It is widely accepted that weight loss when attempting to get pregnant using fertility treatments significantly increases your chance of falling pregnant.  Like anything else in nature, the conditions need to be conducive to falling pregnant even when going through IVF or other fertility treatments.

How Can Capalaba Natural Health Help With Weight Loss And Pregnancy? 

Even though we aren’t a fertility clinic we are very often the first port of call for couples who are struggling with weight loss and pregnancy.

Why not book in with Tony Daniel, our resident weight loss specialist, for your FREE 30-minute weight loss consultation and go through every aspect of your weight, goals and let him explain which diet he feels best suits your individual needs and aspirations.

Tony will even go through the steps you have to take to ensure any weight you lose stays off and helps your plans to fall pregnant.

Capalaba Natural Health offers many different solutions to weight loss and pregnancy related problems and we’d be only too happy to see you at our Capalaba location.

Read more about our FREE 30 minute consultation or call the clinic directly to book.

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